North Central Missouri Business Facilitation is excited that you found us!  We are here for individuals and groups that have that entrepreneurial spirit and vision, but could use some expert guidance in all stages of business development.  Our Resource Team is a network of local business owners, volunteers, retirees, community leaders and friends that together have a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts,  They are here to help you in a secure and anonymous style during all phases of your business; start-up, growth cycles and secession and retirement planning.

Our group is comprised of over forty volunteers who truly care about the economic development and sustainability of Northwest and Northcentral Missouri.  We specifically focus our efforts on Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Grundy and Harrison counties.  We believe that if we strengthen our rural communities with strong locally owned businesses we will set the path for future growth in our area for ourselves and generations to come.

Our services are free and are always confidential.  So, how can we help you?